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Pets Welcome

We understand that pets are members of the family too, which is why we welcome them with open arms. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our pet-friendly apartments and to schedule a tour of our facilities.

Pet Policy
  1. Only one house pet will be allowed in each unit. Guests are not permitted to bring pets onto premises.

  2. Every dog and cat must wear a valid rabies tag and a tag bearing the owner’s name, address and phone number.

  3. Female dogs and cats over six months must be spayed and males over nine months must be neutered.

  4. All tenants must first notify the management of their intent to acquire a pet by completing the Pet Registration/Alternative Care form. The management shall have 30 days to approve or deny the registration. Every pet must be registered annually with the management at the time of re-certification. Registering your dog or cat requires proof of current dog or cat license or tags, up-to-date inoculations, identification tag, and a verification that your pet has been spayed or neutered.

  5. All tenants who wish to have a pet must pay a pet deposit. Any damages caused by the pet during residency must be paid when the Tenant moves out. Any damages found after move-out will be deducted from the pet deposit. Should damages exceed the pet deposit amount, the remainder will be deducted from Tenant’s security deposit. Should damages exceed the combination of the pet and security deposits, Tenant agrees to be responsible for such excess and pay said amount on written demand. Deposit amounts: Dog-$100.00, Cat-$100.00, Bird-$35.00.

  6. Pet weight shall not exceed 35 pounds.

  7. All birds must be kept in cages. No bird will be allowed to fly outside of its cage.

  8. While outside the apartment, every dog or cat must be kept on a leash. A person who is able to control the animal must accompany it whenever it is outdoors on the premises. Dog houses, tie-up areas, animal runs, etc. will not be permitted.

  9. Tenant shall be responsible for proper disposal of their pet’s waste. All pet waste must be disposed of in the outdoor garbage facilities. Disposal of pet waste in any indoor garbage, wooded area, and or neighboring properties will not be permitted.

  10. The inside of the units must be kept free of animal odors and maintained in a clean and sanitary manner. All pets must be house trained.

  11. No excessive noise by pets inside or outside the units will be permitted.

  12. Pets are not allowed in laundry rooms or other apartments within the complex.

  13. No pet that bites or attacks will be permitted.

  14. Every Tenant with a pet should have liability insurance. Should your pet bite or otherwise injure anyone, you are liable for those injuries.

  15. Should a pet bite or attack any person anywhere within this property, it will be required that the Tenant give up the pet within 48 hours of such incident. Should the Tenant refuse to give the pet up, the Tenant will be evicted.

  16. No employee or hired contractor of the management will be required to enter a unit if the pet is acting in a threatening manner. Tenant must have pet removed from unit if requested by management.

  17. Every Tenant owning a pet must provide name, address, and phone number of an alternate care person. Should an emergency arise (i.e. extended absence hospital, vacation, etc.) the alternate care person must provide care for the pet. Should care be unavailable, the management will have no choice but to have the animal removed by Animal Control.

  18. Violation of any Pet Policy two times with in a twelve month period will be grounds for eviction. However, if one of the two violations is for Item 2, 3, or 4 of this policy and the Tenant proves compliance, that violation will be removed.

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